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COA ~ Mission & Objectives

The Cultural Organization of the Arts (COA), is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing quality arts programming to all students in East Greenwich public schools, making the arts an integral part of every child’s balanced education. Since 1979, COA has brought globally ac- claimed artists in music, theater, performing arts, storytelling, literature, and visual arts into East Greenwich schools via hands-on, interactive workshops and assemblies.

Supported by a volunteer board, the COA Director will annually research and plan a carefully curated, diverse and age-appropriate selection of artistic programming for each school within the district. The Director will negotiate with the teaching artists for the best possible block-booking rates, secure contracts and payment, and coordinate the artists’ sched- uling and performance/presentation needs at each school.

By maintaining relationships and ongoing communication with princi- pals and teachers we will gain the feedback and insight needed to help guide the selection of programs that not only meet the highest stan- dards of artistic quality available with our given resources, but also support each schools’ learning objectives and curricula. The goal is to involve every student in grades K-12 in a COA-sponsored art event a minimum of three times per school year in addition to providing teacher grants for arts-related projects.